Hi Everyone,

I'm ending this business soon.

huge items: $15
large items: $10
small / medium items: $2
keychains: $1

Stocks and prices are last updated on 11/10/2010

Update! (as of 02/07/2010)

all of the listed items' prices have been re-adjusted so that it is in conjunction with the closing down sale.

Only for fast deals. Strictly no bargaining. STOCKS are running out fast! while stocks last!

Normal Postage Rates

small and medium items 1pc-2pc: $1
small items and medium items 2pc-5pc: $1.50
large items 1pc: $1
large items 2pc: $1.50
large items 3pc and above: pls enquire

For registered mail: please add extra $3 to the above rates

Self collection will be at Choa Chu Kang MRT / Southview LRT

Other unposted items (request for pictures)
bunny8 - $1 - starry sparkle miss bunny plush 10cm
m46 - $1 - mickey with pink shorts having heart-shaped eyes 6cm
bunny7 - $2 - grey furry miss bunny 15cm
chip2 - $3 - Blushing dale (cheeks can light up) 8cm
doggy1 - $3 - soft plush dog (with bulletchain) 18cm

caltoy5 - $5 - white caltoy tiger 18cm
pooh22 - $10 - evil bumblebee winnie the pooh 30cm (SOLD)


monster1 - $10 monster inc blue monster 30cm
caltoy4 - $15 - caltoy brown leopard 48cm


lilo46 - $25 - noco noco scrump 14cm



30cm Marshmellow Bunny [id: bunny6]


$20 / pair
(it's only $10 each!)
last pair!!!

ID: bunny6
Normal Mail ($1.50), Registered Mail ($4)

30cm Marshmellow Daisy Plush [id: donald4]


$20 / pair
(it's only $10 each!)
last pair!!!

ID: donald4
Normal Mail ($1.50), Registered Mail ($4)

14cm Marshmellow Mickey with Jewel Ears [id: m45]


$2 each
mickey -last piece

ID: m45
Normal Mail ($1), Registered Mail ($3.50)


Blue Caltoy Seal [id:caltoy3]


Height: appx 18cm

last piece!!

ID: caltoy3
Normal Mail ($1), Registered Mail ($4)

Small Stitch Keychain [id: lilo43]


Height: appx 8cm

$2 each

pink angel (yellow flowers) x 1
pair x 1

ID: lilo43
Normal Mail ($1), Registered Mail ($4)


Chef Stitch Series [id: lilo42]


Height: appx 10cm

pizza x 1

ID: lilo42
Normal Mail ($1), Registered Mail ($3.50)

3cm Donald and Daisy Dangles [id: donald3]


Height: appx 3 cm

$10 / Pair
set x 1

ID: donald3
Normal Mail ($0.80), Registered Mail ($3.50)


30cm Furry Miss Bunny Plush [ID: bunny5]


Length: appx 30cm

$10 each
red strawberry x 2
pink flower x 1

ID: bunny5
Normal Mail ($1.50), Registered Mail ($4)


Detachable Mickey & Minnie Pair with Green bun [id: m40]


Height: appx 15 cm

$10 / pair
(that's $5 each!!!)
last pair
mickey and minnie can be attached together at the green bun!

ID: m40
Normal Mail ($), Registered Mail ($)

Branded Design Pooh [id: pooh21]


Height: appx 15 cm

sitting pooh x 1

ID: pooh21
Normal Mail ($1), Registered Mail ($3.50)


HUGE Noco Noco Pooh [ID: pooh20]

Height: appx 40 cm in height

pooh x 1 pieces
while stock last!

ID: pooh20


Pink Baby Chopper Plush

last piece!!!

ID: piece5
Normal Mail ($1.50), Registered Mail ($4)

Caltoy Polar Bear

Height: appx 43cm

pink - last piece!!!!

ID: polar1
Normal Mail ($1.50), Registered Mail ($4)

Miss Bunny HP Straps [ID: bunny2]

Height: appx 8 cm

$2 each

green x 2
blue x 3
red strawberry x 1

ID: bunny2
Normal Mail ($), Registered Mail ($)


Japanese Angel [ID: lilo20]

Height: appx 30 cm



angel x 1

ID: lilo20
Normal Mail ($1.50), Registered Mail ($4)


Pason Works Figurine [ID: pason3]


ID: pason3
Normal Mail ($1), Registered Mail ($3.50)

Pokemon Coin Bank [ID: pokemon1]

Pokemon Coin Bank


ID: pokemon1
Normal Mail ($1), Registered Mail ($3.50)


Winnie the Pooh [ID: pooh12]

Length: Approx 36 cm


Very soft and Hugable!
last piece!!!

Product ID: pooh12
Normal Mail ($1.50), Registered Mail ($4)


Mini Mickey & Friends Beanie [ID: chip2]

Length: approx 10 cm

mickey - last piece!!!

Product ID: chip2
Normal Mail ($1), Registered Mail ($3.50)


Minnie in Wedding Gown [ID: m20]

Height: Approx 20 cm

Minnie in Wedding Gown (design 1)
last 2 pieces!!!
while stock last!

Product ID: m20
Normal Mail ($1), Registered Mail ($3.50)


Mickey and Friends Japanese Series [ID: m18]

Height: 16 ~ 19 cm

samurai mickey - last piece!!!

Product ID: m18
Normal Mail ($1), Registered Mail ($3.50)


Disney Laptop Skins [ID: m15]

Suitable for Laptops with size of 12 ~ 15 inches

(what? $1??? YES, $1)
Minnie - last piece

Product ID: m15
Remarks: Non-sega item, was caught from Bugis Parco Timezone, you cant buy this anywhere either =)

Furry Miss Bunny Plush [ID: clarice1]

Height: 37 cm to tip of ears

$10 each!!!
(closed mouth) LAST 2 PIECES!!!

Product ID: clarice1
Normal Mail ($1.50), Registered Mail ($4)


Dragon Ball Z Pouch [ID: dragon2]

Approx 16cm in length

blue - last piece!!!
yellow - last piece!!!

Product ID: dragon2
Normal Mail ($0.80), Registered Mail ($3.30)


Winnie the Pooh 80th Anniversary Keychain [ID: pooh6]

Height: 12 cm

$1 only!!!
pooh - last piece

Product ID: pooh6
\Normal Mail ($0.80), Registered Mail ($3.30)


T & C

-no exchange or refunds.

-All prices in Singapore dollars.


I'm a big collector of CHIP & DALE! So if you have any good offers (swap only) please email me


About Us

All of our products are Authentic Disney Sega merchandise.

We specialise in selling Sega Prizes that cannot be bought in stores

Toys that can only be caught from UFO Catchers.

**Postage costs quoted for Singapore Buyers Only**

Overseas Buyers:
pls email us to enquire
. (Payment via PayPal for overseas buyers)

You may visit our yahoo ratings:


Payment and Collection

-Payment to POSB Savings 209-09136-4

-POSTAGE IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED unless item is bulky.

-Meet ups done at seller’s convenience. (Usually on WEEKENDS at Choa Chu Kang MRT, South View LRT)

-Customers bear the postage costs. We will not be responsible for any items that are lost in normal postage. Registered Mail is recommended so as to ensure that the item is delivered safely to your doorstep.

-All postouts done on Saturday morning / Sunday night. You'll be likely to receive your items by wednesday.


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